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4 Keys to Successful Selling

If you're not making sales or signing clients, you have to ask yourself honestly, "do I have an actual selling strategy?" When it comes to sales, many entrepreneurs focus on the foundational elements, but they forget about what actually matters and is at the heart of your business and sales... YOU. Read on to learn the 4 keys to successful selling and what no one else is telling you when it comes to selling.

What Successful Selling is NOT All About

Successful selling is not just about having all of your ducks in a row from a tech and timeline perspective. Selling is not just about having your sales page created and ready, all of your links working, timelines set, goals created, automations tested, and marketing content created.

While these elements are important, they are NOT the main thing that's going to lead to successful selling and more consistent sales.

What Successful Selling is REALLY About

No matter what you're selling or when you're selling it, there are 4 keys that will help you become more successful and consistent in your sales.

Successful selling is all about:

  • Patience.

  • Energetic preparation.

  • Communication.

  • Consistency.


You must give yourself TIME to sell and achieve your goals. You must also have patience with your people, because it might take them time to decide if they are ready to work with you and if this is the best offer for them. Be patient and be there to answer their questions as they come.


Your energy makes all the difference in your sales, as it impacts the way you show up and share about your offers.

Ask yourself:

  • Are you emotionally ready to serve your clients?

  • Are you available to get busier and work with more people?

  • Do you have the capacity to serve on a wider, bigger scale?

  • If you sold out, are you ready for that?


Communication, honesty, and openness is key to becoming successful in your sales.

Are you:

  • Bringing your offers to life?

  • Making it appealing for someone to want more information on your offer?

  • Getting visible?

  • Talking about what you are selling or are you hiding behind your content?


This goes without saying, if you aren’t being consistent in how you show up, serve, and talk about your offers, how can your sales be consistent? The more consistent efforts you put in, the more consistent sales you'll make.

If you need real support around your sales so you can become more successful at selling, check out my 3-part Successful Selling Strategies video training to help you sell out in an evergreen, organic way consistently while attracting your dream clients.

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