• Samantha Hearne

4 Ways to Stop Launch Fears

1. Planning

I stand by this one! Planning allows for freedom, flow and fun. Without a plan we can become haphazard, inconsistent and unclear.


- your goals

- your numbers

- your timeline

- your actions

- your content

- your message

(As a starting point!)

2. People

You MUST know who you want to serve and have a pulse on if your audience want what you are launching.

- Do you have a list of warm leads?

- Do you have a plan to reach out?

- Do you know who you want to speak to?

- Are you ready for those conversations to convert?

- Are you launching blind or with purpose?

3. Purpose

This is key!

-What is the Purpose of this launch for you?

-What’s the meaning?

-How will this launch impact you & your goals?

AND - what is the purpose of this launch for your audience? Why now? How will this support them?

4. Positivity

If your mindset and energy aren’t focus on what you can achieve, what’s possible and the positivity behind your launching - that will impact how you show up and sell.

Positivity is vital. How you FEEL about what you’re launching / selling.