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Do You Know Your Numbers?

Numbers can be overwhelming and scary. However, they are easily the most important part of your business. As a business owner, you must know your financials and forecasting so that you can make informed decisions. But where do you even start?

Read on for 3 places to start when you take a dive into your numbers.

1. Know Your Current Numbers

It's so important that you know your numbers, currently and overall. You should know what you need to pay for monthly, what you need to break even, what you need to make a profit and what you want to invest in. Ask yourself these questions every month so that you can learn your numbers.

2. Set Goals Accordingly

You should create goals that align with your life, financial commitments & lifestyle goals. Once you can get control of your finances, your goals will start to fall into place.

3. Build On Reality

Recognize where you are right now, financially. What is your current reality? Where is your money going? Identify what financials are needed to fund your current reality, then you can stretch and go beyond.

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