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This Race To ‘The Top’ Needs To Stop

Everywhere you turn, there is a race to "the top" mindset for business. It's diminishing resilience and the ability to bounce back with inner fire. It’s giving the impression that success comes without hardship or turbulence. It’s causing people (maybe you) to focus on doubting yourself and your ability, INSTEAD OF working on growth and your next step to success. I'm here to tell you, this race to the top needs to stop.

Building your business doesn’t have a timeline.

Creating your legacy shouldn’t only be worthy if it happens in 3, 6 or 12 months.

Working towards financial freedom and impact doesn’t have an expiration date!

Remember that your business isn’t on a timeline with anyone else or anything else.

The way you succeed, the way you move forward, the way you innovate, the way you uplevel or sell - THIS is your superpower.

Patience and trusting the journey will NEVER be redundant in this business world - so don’t lose it whilst you are still building. Because later (and as you scale) it will become your best friend.

If you want to enjoy a big oak tree, you must be willing to plant the seed.

And water it.

And feed the soil.

And get through the winter.

And think about nutrients.

And de-weed the ground.

And be patient.

Your business is worth more than just planting the seed and getting mad when success doesn't happen on other people's timelines.

It's time to ditch the. race to the top mindset. for business and just... be.


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