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  • Samantha Hearne

Leadership - What it means to me

how to step up as a leader in your niche

Such a simple question, yet it can mean different things to different people. While I will share with you what I believe leadership is below, let's see what leadership is not.

Leadership has nothing to do with titles, seniority or one’s position in the hierarchy of a business, and leadership doesn't mean management.

Here is what it means to me, especially when faced with discomfort, challenge, lack of knowledge & awareness:

  • Lead with honesty

  • Share knowledge to help others grow

  • Create a space for others to RISE UP

  • Initiate open conversations for their clients & community to talk, ask questions, LEARN

  • Focus on ACTIVE listening to create positive change

  • Invest in those who have the experience, knowledge & wisdom to share & then use that to educate their community

  • Leaders show up to serve, support, empower & educate

  • Leaders take their time to ensure they create POSITIVE IMPACT & not judgement or distractions

  • Leaders give to causes that matter to them

  • Leaders build their clients up to have a voice

  • Leaders empower their followers to take action, get uncomfortable & do the OFFLINE work

  • Leaders lead by their example

  • Leaders are not competing for attention, acceptance or acknowledgment - leaders do the work for the LONG TERM, for growth, for change, for POSITIVE IMPACT

  • Leaders share with integrity

  • Leaders lead with LOVE

  • Leaders lead with GRACE for the greater good & bigger mission

If you currently feel like a ‘follower’ of a leader - remember that you are a leader too.

To your loved ones, to your community, and to yourself.

The small actions you are taking right now can create LONG LASTING change.

To my community & clients - you are ALL leaders too!

If you are doing the offline work, if you are learning, if you are creating conversations, if you are thinking of the wider mission, if you are planning for the bigger impact, if you are allowing yourself to make changes & get uncomfortable - YOU ARE BEING A LEADER ALREADY MY LOVE.

Let’s remember that we can use our leadership, however big of small right now, to create POSITIVE, LASTING change & at no point point fingers or turn the focus away from what really matters right now - beautiful black lives & true equality.

Be a leader today beautiful!

how to be a leader in your business

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