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Entrepreneur Types: Which Type of Entrepreneur are You?

While there are many different types of businesses and industries out there, certain parts of business definitely overlap. All businesses pay taxes, have tools to communicate with clients, and utilize marketing tactics to grow. Regardless of your industry or business type, it's important to know the different entrepreneur types and which type of entrepreneur you are.

6 Entrepreneur Types

The more self-aware you are of your entrepreneur type, the more you can put your attention and efforts into growing and developing as a person and a business owner. This means you can identify your strengths, areas for improvement, and the next steps your business needs.

Check out these 6 entrepreneur types to help determine which type you are:

1. The Thinker

You have lots of ideas but love to think things through first. You have everything mapped out in your head first and you like to make sense of things before you act on them.

2. The Creator

You are constantly in creation mode and love to use that side of your brain. Whether it's new pages, graphics, content, or visuals, you are just full of creativity and love spending time on the creation aspect of your business.

3. The Do-er

If this is your entrepreneur type, you are an action-taking, go-getting, do-er! You like to execute on your plans right away with less thinking and more doing. You go all in with things and see where it leads rather than overthinking and being paralyzed by inaction.

4. The Tester

This entrepreneur type likes to test things, create drafts and 1st copies, and offer things to friends and peers to test first before you offer them to the world. You value asking for second opinions and perspectives.

5. The Server

You love to serve your audience and give massive value. You love to go live, create freebies, share tips, and offer support whenever you can. You value spending time in your groups and with your community and are always building out new ways to offer them support.

6. The Planner

This final entrepreneur type loves a plan, but struggles with putting it into action. You love knowing every last detail, but this can sometimes hold you back if things aren't perfectly aligned.

Now that you've read about each of the entrepreneur types, which one resonates most with you? All of these entrepreneur types have pros and cons, so try to find a biz bestie or mentor that is a different entrepreneur type than you to help keep the balance, guide and support you, and bounce ideas off of.

If you're ready to shift your mindset into a successful CEO mentality, no matter what entrepreneur type you are, click here to get access to my CEO Mindset training!



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