• Samantha Hearne

Six Tips Every New Entrepreneur Should Know

You're a new entrepreneur on your way to big things. Here are six tips you should keep in mind as you progress on this journey.

1. People that want true change will commit

Don't keep making cheaper packages thinking they will be easier to sell or more people will buy them. Truly believe in your offers and price points and the right committed people won't need convincing.

2. The ones trying to tear you down are the ones not doing what you are

Successful, happy people don't have time to mock, unfollow, judge, or tear down someone else. Focus on what you are doing and stay strong in the pursuit of your dreams.

3. You will change and that's good

In no other space are you thrusting yourself into the midst of it all. Building a personal brand. Being visible to strangers. Running with your ideas. Being vulnerable. That will change you and your perspectives. Let it!

4. Fads come and go

Don't build your brand on quick trends and fads. Stick to your message and mission and let that become the constant in your marketing.

5. Sales, business, and making money

It isn't the energy, doesn't make you a bad person, and doesn't have to be hard. If you're doing your best with what you have and what you know right now, keep bloody doing it! Changing your future and building a long-term legacy is never the energy!

6. Mindset blocks

They're only mindset blocks if you keep thinking of them like that! Make a decision to gain clarity.