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Five Tips To Help Create A Positive Work-Life Balance

Today's grind culture can put pressure on entrepreneurs to work more hours and be a member of "Team Hustle and No Sleep." We want our clients to be happy, but we also have to establish boundaries around our personal time. This is why we work for ourselves and not a 9-5! Read on for five tips to help you create a positive work-life balance.

How to Create a Work-Life Balance

Breaking up with the norm and establishing firm boundaries is the first step in taking control of your lifestyle. Here are some fantastic ways that you can create work-life balance.

1. Your Clients

Ensure you are working with ALIGNED clients that not only trust in the journey, but respect balance and want it too. That way when you take time off, create healthy boundaries, and enjoy balance, your clients will see it as a powerful message of what they can have.

2. Communication

It’s important you communicate your time off, boundaries, and expectations with others. If you don’t, it will be hard for them to be honoured.

3. Plan

We can often reject planning and see it as restrictive or boring BUT, having a plan actually ALLOWS for more space, freedom, and expansion because you know where you stand, what’s coming, and what’s going on! So create a plan for your business, your life, and your experiences, as much as you can.

4. Don’t follow ‘shoulds’

If you want to work later because it suits you, do it! Create a schedule that is focused on optimizing your peak performance. Spend some time analyzing yourself and how you work, then build your business and schedule around that.

5. Consistency

I find being consistent helps. My clients then know when their calls are way in advance. They know when we don’t have calls. They know what's happening and when. This allows me to create consistency for my time off, rest, and balance which also allows my clients to bring that mindset into their businesses.


Do what brings you joy! For me, being away lights me up! Decide what brings you joy and work towards that. With these tips and some intentionality, you can achieve work-life balance too.

Which of these tips are you going to focus on most?


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