• Samantha Hearne


You're working hard, and you've made some progress towards your goals, but it seems like everyone around you is just sailing past you and hitting their targets left, right, and center. It kinda makes it feel like you're barely moving at all.

When you focus on the fact you aren't achieving your goals at the pace others are, you fall further behind by constantly looking at where they're going and not watching where you're going!

Here are 4 tips to help reset your mindset and focus on your path forward.

1. Seeing someone else achieve what I want shows I’m getting closer to being an energetic match - I need to celebrate this!

2. Someone else signing clients doesn’t mean I can’t.

3. When someone smashed their goals, that’s the universe showing me what’s possible.

4. Women succeeding is a constant reminder of what’s possible for me too.