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6 Mindset Challenges to Work Through as an Online Business Owner

In the online business industry, there are so many mindset challenges you can face and triggers to overcome. You can choose to either let the challenges get you down or you can consciously focus on and reframe them in order to work through them productively. Check out these 6 mindset challenges to work through as an online business owner and see how you can reframe them in your life.

#1: It's easy for them. They already have a big audience/following.

This mindset challenge is the comparison game at play. Instead of obsessing over where everyone else is in their business and comparing your success to theirs, choose to focus your energy on your own growth instead. See what you can learn from them and apply to your business.

Reframe: At one time, they didn't have a big following! They had to start at zero and grow, just like me. Let me find out what they did and how they did it, so I can see if those strategies align with the way I am growing my community online.

#2: They have a team and do this full-time, so of course things look more professional/ leveled up/ more 'buyable'.

Don't let 'shiny object syndrome' get you down. Just because someone else has a team and beautifully designed branding and offers, doesn't make your offer any less 'buyable' or any less worthy of success.

Reframe: EVERY business was once a start up. If I aspire to have a team and be a full-time entrepreneur one day, then what can I learn from those who are already there? Ask yourself what you like about their branding, messaging, offers, and the way they sell/launch.

#3: My industry is so saturated. Everyone is trying to 'compete' for the same clients.

There's enough room for everyone in the online space. Even if someone offers something similar to you, they AREN'T you. They don't have your unique experiences, perspective, and approach. You are unique and that is your superpower.

Reframe: It doesn't matter who else is doing what in your industry. It matters where you're focusing YOUR time and energy. If you're spending your time and energy focusing on what everyone else is doing, then, no, your business won't skyrocket as quickly as theirs. Why? Because their focus is NOT on what you're doing, but instead on what they're doing!

#4: I have so much experience offline, but no one knows who I am online. It feels like I have to start at the beginning again.

Instead of looking at this as a challenge, think of this as an advantage! All of that amazing experience does not go to waste just because you're moving into the online space. Take that experience and those skills and apply it to your new venture.

Reframe: The online space gets to become your little slice of marketing genius, if you let it be. Create content that showcases your experience. Get visible and build connections. Bring your originality and story into your content. Share your journey, processes, growth, and why you're now online. Get bold with sharing who you are! Every brand and business starts somewhere, but it's only the 'beginning' if you choose it to be. Embody what you want your transition online to become.

#5: It's impossible to earn that much doing what I do. They must charge ridiculous amounts, spend loads on paid ads, exaggerate, constantly be working, or have a million people doing the work for them. How much is actually theirs?

Nothing is impossible. It takes time, hard work, and patience to get to where some businesses are. However, instead of focusing on what other people are making, focus on what you need to do to create more abundance in your life.

Reframe: Didn't you start your own business to create financial independence and freedom for yourself and your family? Didn't you desire to not be stuck to a salary with no holidays? That doesn't mean you have to make millions of dollars! If you started your business to welcome in abundance, then embrace it when you see it. Don't judge or doubt it.

#6: It happened so quickly for them. I'm not where I want to be after 6 months, so maybe I'm not meant for this. Maybe I should quit.

This is nonsense! Don't fall victim to comparing your chapter 1 to their chapter 15. In reality, 6 months is not that long. Keep putting one foot in front of the other and focus on helping others and bringing your passion to life.

Reframe: When someone reaches chapter 15 in their book, they might start sharing what they did to go from chapter 5 to 15. But that doesn't mean they didn't have a chapter 1. It doesn't tell how long each chapter was. Social media is great about sharing the 'highlight reel' instead of the messy middle. Your business can't be fragile enough that after 6 months, the risks you've taken are just done. Your business is a lifelong journey on the path to layers of growth, expansion, and next levels. Right now, at chapter X, just focus on reaching chapter Y. It doesn't matter if someone else is starting their next novel.

I hope these 6 mindset challenges to work through as an online business owner help you become more aware of the thoughts and doubts you may be having and give you a reframe to employ the second you start to get down on yourself.

If you need more support overcoming your mindset challenges, you can check out my FREE CEO Mindset Training here!

Leave me a comment below and let me know which mindset challenge reframe you are going to focus on in this season.


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