• Samantha Hearne

5 Most Common Entrepreneurial Mindsets (And How To Find Where You Sit)

As a coach, I connect with and mentor entrepreneurs from all around the world in a range of different industries and, while each of them presents with their own beliefs, mindsets and challenges to overcome, there's a few that I see over and over again...

1. The Excuses Win

"I just can’t." "I need to wait a little longer." "Maybe when I’m more confident, ready, visible."

2. The Testing Waters "I’ll see how I get on first." "I’m going to try & see what happens." 3. The Let's Do It "I’ve been stuck for too long, no more." "I’m finally ready to make those changes." "Now is my time!"

4. The Ready But Need Help Yes - I’m ready & I want this." "I love what you do & I want to work with you." 5. The Badass "I know this is my destiny so I’m all in!" "I’m 100% committed & just want to dive in!" So, where do you currently sit?

If you're not sure, ask yourself these four questions to check-in:

What’s been holding you back?

What your current belief system is?

Where you are going?

How do you make decisions? So which one of these mindset resonates most with you?