• Samantha Hearne

4 Statements of Belief To Hold Onto When Times Get Tough

In what is probably the understatement of the entrepreneurs, sometimes things do not go to plan.

Maybe a launch wasn't as successful as you'd hoped.

Maybe you didn't sell as many spots to your masterclass as you thought you would.

Maybe technology is wreaking havoc on your program.

Or maybe there's personal stuff going on outside of your business that is affecting how you show up.

It can be overwhelming and I don't know how but things always have a way of getting thrown our way at the worst possible time!

These situations test our resiliency and our ability to pick ourselves up from disappointment.

If you're going through a tough or challenging time, here are four beliefs I hold close to my heart and remind myself that I've got this!

1. I will not allow my current challenges to dictate the future I know I deserve.

2. I am the pilot of my plane and I can navigate this turbulence.

3. True leadership and entrepreneurship is strengthened in our triumphs over challenges.

4. This too shall pass and I can use this to fuel me and empower my community to grow too (as I am not the only person who will have been through whatever I am experiencing).

Wherever you are in your journey right now, you deserve the magic that you are capable of building.

Your business is proud of you!

Your business is ready for more and you’ve got this!