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My Magic Formula for Cultivating Self-Belief

So much of what we do as entrepreneurs is about our self-belief and ensuring that we're putting energy out into the world that elevates and serves us.

Believing in what’s possible before it becomes reality is key. Going for things you know will propel the business, even if others don’t see it instantly is what sets you apart.

No one will take you seriously unless you take yourself seriously.

Self-belief is like a magic ingredient when it comes to standing out with exposure, publicity, collaborations, and everything else. No one else can cultivate self-belief other than you. No one else can take action or share your talents for you. That's all on you.

You CAN increase your self-belief and grow in confidence. Self-belief is like a muscle. The more you use it, the stronger it becomes.

My MAGIC FORMULA for Cultivating Self-Belief


Think about the version of you that IS full of self-belief, IS fully confident in herself, and IS fully believing in her potential.


Write down what that version of you looks like, acts like, everything!


Think about what is different between that version of you and the version of you now.


Identify what actions you can take to stop these two people from having differences and HOW you can embody that version of yourself.


Start to shift your energy and commitment into embodying that version of yourself as often as you can.


Check in with yourself with this question: If I fully believed in my potential, my success, and myself, how would I be showing up?

Lastly, check in with yourself and ask yourself if that is how you have shown up today.

At the end of the day, I want to remind you to just keep going. Give it your all and don't stop until you've achieved what you set out to achieve.

Make it a non-negotiable that setting your goals and achieving them is the only option.

Even if you fail along the way, don't give up on believing in yourself.

Self-belief blooms naturally from taking consistent action.

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