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Are You Allowing Yourself To Be Happy?

When you reflect on your life, your business, and the way that you're living, are you truly allowing yourself to be happy? I was reading an article the other day and it was talking about the top five regrets the dying have when they look back at their lives, and one of them shocked me:

"I wish I had let myself be happier."

Take that in for a minute.

It's an important reminder that your life will not be measured by the amount of money you make per month, which piece of content got more engagement, or the funnel that is optimized. That's not how you'll be remembered.

It's about who you are in between all of that.

What is Your True Priority?

For me, the money I make and the success of my business is driven by the experiences I get to have and the memories I'm able to make. My financial plan and wealth legacy is fueled by my passion to create a future I love that I can fully enjoy without the constant worry of everything society puts in our way.

Today, I want you to journal on these three questions to ensure you are allowing yourself to be happy and that happiness is your truest priority.

  1. If fear did not exist for me, how would I be living my life?

  2. When I stop and think about my best and most exciting life, what does that look like?

  3. How am I holding myself back right now? How am I stopping happiness from fully being present for me?

"I wish I had let myself be happier."

Remember this whenever you get engulfed in and overwhelmed with the little things of life and feel out of alignment.

What can you do this week to allow yourself to be as happy as possible? Let me know in the comments below!


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