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5 Questions To Find Your Vision Of Success, Happiness, & Freedom

Everyone's version of a laptop lifestyle will look different, and that is the beauty of creating your own success and freedom! Your success vision has to align with your life, your goals, and your dreams, not just what you 'think' it should look like. Read on to learn the 5 questions you should ask to get clear on your success vision.

What I Used to Think My Success Vision Looked Like

I used to think that success, freedom, and happiness looked like sitting lakeside with my laptop in hand on a beautiful sunny day. And yes, this is exactly what it looks like to some people. But my version is different now (and yours might be too!).

Find Your Own Success Vision

Instead of creating your success vision based on what other people's is, you must create your OWN unique vision of success, freedom, and happiness.

Here's my top five questions to ask yourself when getting clarity on your success vision:

  1. When I think of freedom, it looks like...

  2. Ultimate success to me would mean...

  3. If I felt true happiness, what would my life look like?

  4. What does freedom mean for my life and how would it change my current circumstance?

  5. How does the successful, free, and happy me live their life?

Journal and reflect on these questions as much as you need to in order to feel aligned with your success vision.

Your Success Vision is Yours

Everyone's version of a laptop lifestyle will be different, and that is okay.

I'd love to know, what is your version of a laptop lifestyle? What is ultimate success, freedom and happiness to you?


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