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  • Samantha Hearne

3 Real Reasons For Business Success

Everyone has their own advice on how you should level up your business, make more money and sign more clients (you know, those "secrets" everyone talks about?!)

When I transitioned into business coaching, I fell into that way of speaking (it's easy to do!) but then I realized...that's not helpful.

Today I'm going to share with you the three real reasons my business and clients have continued to grow (and there's no secrets involved!)

1. Consistency

Yep, nothing flash or fancy. Consistency really does matter. If you are on and off, in and out, it is going to impact your momentum, client trust factor and overall confidence in your business, message and marketing.

2. Mastery

Don't try to do everything. There's no need to be on every single platform or join every masterclass. Choose two things you will master and get amazing at them! Once you've mastered those two, you can then add a couple more with confidence and intention.

3. Trial & Error

The only way you will really know if something will work is to put it out there! Never be afraid to try new things, take risks and be innovative. I've tried a lot of things and finally have 4 core programmes that I love and that work!

There are no secret ways to build a successful business. Just a few simple shifts you can implement into your business to guarantee that progress and momentum (and clients!) will follow.

Which of these can you commit to?

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