• Samantha Hearne

Are You Second-Guessing Yourself?

Do you ever second guess the way you’re running your business?

Do you ever look at others and think to yourself "Maybe if I did what she did, I'd be more successful." Spoiler alert... No one has it all figured out!

There is no "secret method" to finding success. Because even the "experts" you see on social media have to try new things. They have to innovate and learn to adapt the ever-changing markets. They have to up-level th1eir brand and messaging. And they absolutely have to break out of their comfort zones and barriers

The bottom line for this is:

Although we all second guess ourselves and wonder if there is another way of doing things, those you look up tend to have three key things in common:


1. They get the help they know they need.

They know what their limits are and embrace the fact that they sometimes need help to achieve their goals.


2. Despite the limits or fears, they jump in anyway.

They are grounded in the fact that fear of the unknown is inevitable but being able to move through it and jump anyway is where they will find true growth.

3. Use their experience to stop the inner critic from winning.

They are aware of their inner voice holding them back (we've all got one!) and draw on their past experience and knowledge to acknowledge it and move past it.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀


You can do all these things, too! Embrace what it is and learn to move through your doubts. ⠀⠀⠀⠀