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When The Self-Doubt Creeps In

It saddens me when I hear so many women doubt their abilities due to social media stats or because someone cancels their membership, unfollows them, or unsubscribes from their email list. Everyone has their own journey and experiences to go through and it's important to remember you are on own path. Here are six reminders to overcome self-doubt when it creeps in on you.

We All Start Somewhere

Back in 2017, I had zero followers. I had no audience, no email list, no website, no systems, and no brand. Just photos of recent holidays and selfies! I posted my first post in April 2017 and it was out there. I didn't really have any idea what I was doing, but I didn't let my self-doubt stop me, and I don't want it to stop you ever!

Here are six things I have always said to myself when that self-doubt sets in (and I share them with my clients too!).

6 Reminders to Overcome Self-Doubt

  1. Everyone has to start at the beginning. Choose to have your beginning right now.

  2. The people that succeed are the people that keep trying (especially when it isn’t easy).

  3. The people that matter most will want you to succeed.

  4. You are doing this to change your life. Never forget who this commitment is to: you and yourself!

  5. The only way to not be at the beginning, is to start today and keep going tomorrow!

  6. And lastly, remember, you are always worthy. That is never in question.

Fill Your Cup With Love

Building a personal brand and business is tough. There's the necessary boundaries, extra emotional burdens, personal challenges to navigate, and the whole "you being your business" pressure.

Commit to always loving yourself and filling yourself with what you need. Everyone is on a journey and that’s ok. Their choices are theirs and that is ok. It doesn’t mean you are any less worthy of being you in the process. You can only be yourself, serve who is ready to be served, and impact those wanting your impact.

If you focus on sharing, adding value, shining bright and being consistent - the conversations, engagement, trust, and community will grow.

You’ve got this and you are incredible!

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