• Samantha Hearne

Top Three Tips To Stop Being "Busy" (And Increase Your Productivity!)

There’s a misconception that because I love strategy and a plan I’m always working or being "busy".

In all honesty, that’s not the case.⠀

For example, I work 3.5 days a week, I don’t start work before 9am most days (usually 10am) and I have lunch breaks, watch Netflix, have daytime baths.

But when you allow time for space every day, you allow time for creativity, inspiration and motivation to hit. When you give yourself time to just be, energy shifts and momentum sparks.

I get things done quickly and efficiently because I’ve learnt how to harness my peak performance and when to enjoy times for space and recovery.

If you're having trouble being "busy" without feeling productive, here are three questions to help you reflect on how you can improve: ⠀

1. Am I giving this task more time than it truly needs?

2. Is this a priority right now or a time filler to keep me busy?

3. Am I in flow right now or forcing myself to keep trying for the sake of it?

Use these questions when you feel that business bug strike and then allow yourself space and time for the sparks to come back. Trust me. When you do this, you’ll find you get 10x more done than you would if you just kept on being ‘busy’ because you felt you should. Remember, being busy is not the same as being productive and your worth is not defined by what you can accomplish each day.