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A Simple and Effective Social Media Challenge For You

It's very easy when we come on social media and our online platforms to focus on what we post, creating content, and making sure we add value for our community. To help you move your content forward effectively and give you some ideas, I want to invite you to take me up on this simple but effective social media challenge.

Social Media Challenge

This social media challenge is very simple, but also very effective. I challenge you over the next week to share three pieces of content that showcases these three topics.

1. YOU.

This piece of content should showcase who you are, your personality, your energy, your mission as a business owner, your values for your clients and yourself, and what you stand for.

This builds trust and originality with your community.

2. Services and Social Proof.

This piece of content showcases your services and what you offer, who you are, who you help, the impact you have, the transformation you create, social proof, testimonials, interviews, client wins, what is available right now, and what you have coming up.

This piece of content is sales and leads focused with connection and credibility at the heart of it.

3. Celebration.

The third piece of content to share as part of this social media challenge is a celebration from the past year. Bring your community on the journey with you as you share content that celebrates something that happened this year for you, your clients, your business, or all three! This can be client wins, personal wins, achievements, changes, growth, or experiences.

This shows your real time life and success with your audience.

This simple and effective social media challenge will help you generate new ideas and ensure you are moving your business forward with your content creation.

Are you taking me up on the challenge? Tag me on Instagram and let me see the content you're creating!

If you want to dive deeper into social media and focusing on clients and conversions, rather than just a following, check out this Social Media Masterclass!


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