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10 Ways To Elevate Your Social Media

If you're a business owner, marketing through social media is key in attracting your ideal clients and sharing your value, expertise, and offers. Social media marketing doesn't have to feel daunting or hard.

Here are 10 EASY ways to elevate your social media and take it to the next level!

1. Have designated posts, content, and stories that focus on sharing your client wins.

You're here to support your clients, so celebrating their wins is key! You can also turn all of this content into how-to guides.

2. Signpost your own growth.

Where you were 6 months ago, training sessions you've done, brands you've redone, and programs you've tweaked are all signs of your own expansion. Share your own growth and elevation o social media and lead by example.

3. Create themes for your content and repeat!

Repetition is never a bad thing and always provides your audience with a chance to relearn from you. That's key. Overloading your feed with new things isn't always the best way!

4. Behind the scenes (strategy 1).

What happens on a client call? Within your mastermind? In a course? Let potential clients see what could be in store for them with behind the scenes content.

5. Behind the scenes (strategy 2).

Show what projects you're currently working on. What new programs and offers do you have? Are you working on branding or creating content? This builds intrigue and connection with your audience.

6. Show your own educational growth and self-development.

Sharing the books, podcasts, and videos you're consuming and why is a great way to elevate your social media. This allows you to reinforce the importance of learning and growth.

7. Speak the unspoken.

A good coach reflects even the uncomfortable in a safe way. What doesn't get said? What do your ideal clients truly need from you? Where are they struggling? What do they need to hear from you?

How can you showcase those challenges in a safe way that allows them to learn and grow?

8. Interviews / collabs.

Share you interviews and collabs with past clients, industry experts, and your network. This always helps elevate your content as well as showcases your client's epicness!

9. Promote your resources and free support.

You've worked hard to create your masterclasses, trainings, workbooks - all of it. Create content that promotes these amazing resources! This is a great way to go above and beyond for your community.

10. Create your own originality and flare in your content.

Bring your personality, metaphors, analogies, and examples to the way you deliver your content. This will resonate with your ideal clients and create connections through your social media.

Are you ready to convert clients through your social media? Click here to access my FREE Social Media Masterclass!


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