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6 Tips For Refocusing Your Success On Instagram

Instagram can be a powerful tool for sharing valuable content​​​​​​​​, building relationships, and creating more sales and success in your business. However, with all of the trends and algorithm changes, it can be easy to get lost in the hype that is Instagram. These 6 tips for refocusing your success on Instagram will help you get clear on your goals and stay focused on what you need Instagram to do for you and your people.

1. Focus on creating content you align with, enjoy, and that serves your audience.

When creating content, don't focus on only sharing content that you think might go viral. Focus on creating content that is in alignment with your personality and business goals. Ensure that it serves your audience great value and is enjoyable for you to create. A viral post does no good if you dread creating it and it doesn't connect with your ideal audience.


2. Remember that in order to sell, make an impact, and change lives, you do not need a certain number of followers.

The success of your business IS NOT defined by a certain number of followers shown at the top of your account​​​​​​​​. The success of your business is defined by how you feel serving your audience, the relationships you build, and the number of ideal clients you gain from your content.


3. Create connections and get to know your people on Instagram.

It is essential to get to know your community on Instagram. When someone comments on a post, video, story, or Reel, make sure you comment back thoughtfully. When you receive a DM in your inbox, reply back and get to know that person better. Thank them, ask them a question, or connect on a commonality. The more you get to know your community, the more insight you'll have on what they need and the content you should create next.


4. Remember the compound effect.

People could find you on Instagram TODAY and enjoy your content from LAST YEAR. This is the compound effect in action! Don't be afraid to repurpose and re-share content that did well for you and connected with people in the past. You never know who is watching today who may need to hear your message from months before.


5. Show up based on the business and impact you are building.

Don't show up based on where you might be right now. Show up as the business owner you want to be and deliver the value and impact you want to have. Even if you don't have it all figured out right now, strive to show up as the future version of yourself.

​​​6. Be clear on WHY you are creating the content.

I’ve had posts that got low engagement, but led to sales in my DM’s. So what impact matters more? The people you can serve, spend time with, and make a difference in their lives, or the like on a photo? Just keep this perspective in mind and know WHY you are creating the content.​​​​​​​​

Keep these 6 tips for refocusing your success on Instagram handy and choose a couple to focus on that you know will impact you the most in this current season of business.

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