• Samantha Hearne

Social Media - 5 Things to Focus On

Social media is a powerful tool. It allows us to connect with people all over the world, create new friendships, market our businesses, and generate sales.

These platforms are where others can get to know you so the like, know, and trust factor is established between you and your followers. And with so many amazing insights and analytics available today, it can be easy to get caught up in the metrics and data of our every post.

While this information is certainly helpful, don't let it be your only focus. Consider the below:

1. Conversion

  • Is your social media converting your followers to clients?

  • Is it creating income in your business?

2. Connection & leads

  • Is your social media an easy place for your leads to connect with you?

  • Is your platform generating leads?

  • Does your platform encourage enquiries?

3. Are you clear?

  • Not all of your content is there to go ‘viral’

  • Does your content have clear action steps?

  • Are you creating interest & hype with your posts?

  • Do you bridge the gap between outside to insider to your business?

4. Messaging

  • Quotes & shareable content may do better performance-wise, but may not when it comes to conversion. - *notice I say MAY - as every platform is different

  • Does your message connect with your audience?

  • Is your social media intentional & purposeful with your message?

5. Strategy

  • Do you have a strategy for your socials?

  • Is it just a post & hope?

  • Or is it post & know?

  • Do you use social media as a business enhancement platform or just a visibility task?

I would love to know: What is social media for you? How do you feel about your social media? Does your social media have a strategy right now?

Focus on the 5 things above, and see if you notice a difference with your social media audience.