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10 Ways to Generate Sales on Social Media

Simply posting on social media is NOT the same as building community, adding value, and making sales. Making sales on social media is so much more than just posting. Social media is your interface, the front cover of your business. The real sales magic is a result of what goes on beneath that first layer.

Read on for 10 ways that you can build your community, add value to your audience, and generate more leads and sales on social media.

10 Ways to Deepen Your Community Growth, Add Value, and Generate Leads and Sales on Social Media

  1. Create free opt in trainings and follow up funnels.

  2. Build in monthly masterclasses for your community with no opt in.

  3. Create a series or stories, posts, lives, or emails that deliver support in specific areas.

  4. Share and create a focus on clients and their growth journeys with you.

  5. Interview clients or community members to get their message across to the rest of your audience.

  6. Allocate time each week / month to do Q&A’s / free calls / support your community.

  7. Do personal outreach to past leads or enquiries with value to add.

  8. Triangulate your content so you can serve your community deeper, build intrigue, and add instant impact through podcasts, YouTube videos, or Facebook groups.

  9. Run a free challenge, workshop, masterclass, seminar, or bootcamp.

  10. Create a low cost offer that serves instant solutions and starts that buying behaviour with your community.

Are you ready to generate more sales on social media and build your community? Click here to access a FREE Social Media Training, where we'll go more in depth on social media conversion strategies.

Comment below and let me know which tips you're going to focus on from above!


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