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Are You Feeling Trapped By Social Media?

Did you start your business to worry about hashtags, algorithms, and when to post? Or did you start your business to make a difference for your clients and your future? I'm guessing it's the latter. If you're feeling overwhelmed in the online world, be sure to watch out for social media traps that will hold you back.

The majority of what you do for your business happens offline. For example, here is a list of tasks I completed in one day that my followers knew nothing about:

  • 3 hours on the phone to doctors and consultants about some health appointments.

  • 45 minute sweaty circuit training.

  • 1 hour river walk, meditation and journaling session.

  • 1 hour nap

  • 1.5 hour £5K Female call supporting three of the clients with new launch concept ideas, sales strategy for a new workshop, and scaling strategies for hitting consistent £8k months.

  • 1.5 hour 6 Figure Sister call focussed on masterminding, energy work, mindset resets, planning for the rest of the week, projecting to their future selves, and business mapping.

Look After Yourself (And Your Business!)

If you're struggling with the pressure of showing up and are feeling trapped by social media, here are a few reminders and online business tips for you today.

1. Don’t feel restricted or demotivated about when to share your message. Your message is always powerful and your audience will see it when the time is right for them (and in a way that has nothing to do with a social media statistic or metric!).

2. Your energy is what matters most - not what the time is!

If you have something to say, you want to show up, inspire your community, and add value - go for it. Seriously, just go for it! Your energy is infectious, remember that.

3. Social media isn't the only way to success.

Using the online space to build your brand, grow your community, and scale your business is a magical thing, but it isn’t the only way to create success. Keep yourself grounded in what this is all for and how it will impact your future. You deserve that.

Free Yourself from Social Media Traps

You can be making an impact on your life and your client's lives without social media even knowing, so stop feeling trapped by the logistics of social media and free yourself up to just be yourself and make the impact you are destined to make!

If you’re ready to be fully supported in your pursuit of a profitable, sustainable, and simple business, click here to enquire about grabbing a spot in my 1:1 mentorship!


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