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5 Ways to Use Social Media to Optimize Your Business

In the age of social media, there is a huge difference between what we post in our personal life and what we post as business owners. If you are only posting to your personal account, chances are you don't have a strategy or a brand aesthetic, and you aren't engaging in hopes of a business connection. But as business owners, there is a way that we can use social media to optimize our business, only just our following.

1. Showcase

I love to showcase my clients & their incredible commitment to their growth & results. By doing this, I can celebrate their wins and show social proof of the results I can provide to potential clients.

2. Share

Sharing my services with my followers, and explaining ways that I can support potential clients is a huge way to leverage my account. This is one of the main reasons potential clients find you on social media.

3. Personal Journey

I talk a lot about business but it's important for me to show my personal journey as well. At any chance I can, I'm sharing what I'm up to on the weekends, behind the scenes of a new project, my celebrations, and my growth. This shows clients that I am human, and personal time is important too!

4. Show Up

I show up when it suits me, not based on the "best posting time" on an app. We all have personal things going on in our lives, and some days are busier than others. I always make a point to show up for my audience but it's important to me that social media doesn't completely dictate my schedule.

5. Invite Conversation

Social media shouldn't be one-sided! Any chance I get, I am inviting my followers to connect and have a conversation with me. Whether this is through polls, votes, questions, lives, talks, videos, etc., we are having a conversation. I'm not just looking for a public like or comment.

It's easy to get lost in our social media platforms by only focusing on what to post, when to post and increasing our following.

Take these tips and start optimizing your social media accounts in the way you want to use them, not the way an app tells you to.

I'm here to help support you and move you forward during these big life-changing times. If you're ready to fully lean into your intuition and make the life-changing decisions that will help you grow, check out the Expansion Mastermind!


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