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5 Business Rules To Remember As An Entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur, it's natural to compare ourselves to others. We look at those around us and think "Why haven't I found that kind of success yet?" or "What are they doing that I'm not?" But the comparison game helps no one. It makes you feel like you've failed (reminder- you haven't!) and it can make it all feel a bit helpless. Instead, keep these 5 business rules in mind as you move forward on your entrepreneurial journey.

It's Your Path

For example, I have made new sales in the business every day of this month so far and multiple 4-figure cash days - without launching or running any big systems or funnels.

This isn’t the case every month, but when success, flow, joy, and progress happens, I celebrate it.


Because I know what has gone on behind the scenes. I know the work, commitment, dedication, and planning that has gone into it beforehand.

Five Business Rules to Remember

If you're struggling with the comparison game, here's five business rules to remind yourself of every day:

  1. You make the rules. Just go for it.

  2. No one can do the work for you - take action and own it.

  3. Be brave enough to be yourself - no copying, more creating.

  4. Being visible never gets boring!

  5. Your ideas have the power to shape your future.

Persistence and Belief

Every success story is a tale of constant persistence and belief in what is possible. Every success story is built on lessons learned and challenges conquered. Remember this when you see success as only the highlights at the end.

Remember these five rules and own your success every day!


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