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6 Planning Hacks for Your Business: Business Tools To Save You Time

I'm always looking for ways to be more efficient in my business. Anything that allows me to spend less time on the administrative side and more time on being creative, serving my audience, and helping my students is a win for me. In this post, I'm sharing 6 amazing business tools that I use and highly recommend if you are wanting to take back more of your time.

6 Business Tools for Saving Time in Your Business


Schedule your content for Instagram and have more time each day to get your creative juices flowing for your clients, your business, and your goals because your content is taken care of.

Monthly Goal/Target

By simplifying your goals to monthly focuses, you will prevent yourself from feeling overwhelmed with too many things happening at once. Allow each month to have 1 specific purpose for your business.

This is the flow chart plug-in business tool that I use to map out my business. I have a flow chart for team KPI's, plans, business structure, launches, and finances. It creates a bird's eye view of my business so I can see everything in one place.

Meta Business Suite on FB

Scheduling my short videos and posts onto my FB page allows me to know my content is being shared without me having to manually do this.


I can keep track of all of my accounts, my VAT, etc, each month for my accountant to work on my books. This used to take A LOT of time each month, but now it takes a small amount and prevents an 'accounts afternoon' each month.


Not only can you on-board clients with this business tool, but it handles your invoices, documents, and anything else you need.

Free up your brain space so you can focus on the things that truly move the needle forward in your business. I love these business tools and I would absolutely love it if you would share any business tools that you have found to save you loads of time and help you work more efficiently!


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