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Marketing Methods to Try

In business, there are so many marketing methods out there. It can be overwhelming to figure out which ones you should focus on and spend your time and energy on in your business. It's all about finding what lights you up energetically and allows you to show up most authentically. Read on to learn more about some key marketing methods to try in your business.

Social Media Marketing Methods

Social media is key for getting in front of your ideal audience and being front of mind for your ideal clients. I know social media can be confusing, so here are some magical marketing methods to try to start conversations and increase conversions.

  1. Share an in depth piece of content around WHY do you what you do and the impact it can have through live, stories, post, email, or blog.

  2. Create a theme for your client wins and share these consistently in stories, highlights, client interviews, and sharing DM’s/results.

  3. Have 3 key and clear CTA’s. Don’t confuse people; download your freebie, book a free call, message you in DM’s. Keep it simple.

  4. Allocate days/times to add real value; trainings, masterclass, stories tips, and post breakdowns. Think about WHY you are doing that and for WHO.

  5. Ask questions. This is key to creating an engaging culture with your audience, one where they want to talk to you!

  6. Bring yourself into the example. Lead the way. What are you doing? How is it working? Why? Marketing yourself is powerful.

  7. Focus less on you and more on them, whether they respond or not!

Which of these marketing methods will you try?

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