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Selling 101: My Top Sales Rules

When it comes to sales, I hear entrepreneurs so often saying things like, "Somebody's already done it," or "I don't have a ton of engagement or followers," or "What if nobody buys from me?" Then they get frustrated and say "I'm just going to stop promoting and selling." When it comes to selling, this is a detrimental mindset! Selling is my specialty, so check out my top selling 101 rules below!

Selling 101 Rule #1: Create from originality.

Don't over-consume, but instead, over-connect! It's important to stay in-tune with your audience so you know exactly what they need and want from you. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What does my audience want?

  • What are they telling me?

  • What brings them closer?

  • Where are they stuck?

  • What do I KEEP seeing that is holding them back?

Take these answers and use them to create from ORIGINALITY.

Selling 101 Rule #2: Don't overcomplicate it.

When it comes to selling, don't make it harder than it needs to be. Set a goal and align your ideas and strategies with that goal. Give yourself the space and capacity to show up for the action steps needed to reach that goal. Create an intimate space for yourself to work and deliver epic client results. Move with momentum and let that lead you, not the fear of the what ifs.

Selling 101 Rule #3: Share with context and clarity.

You don't want to make your audience guess what you are offering. Instead, make it SIMPLE for anyone to know exactly what you're offering. Let them know why you are bringing this to life, who it's for, how it will catapult them into something greater, why they need it now, what they can expect, and what happens when they take action. No more guessing. Make it crystal clear so they can picture themselves achieving the results you promise.

Selling 101 Rule #4: Make it easy to say yes.

In order to make it easy for your audience to say yes to your offer, you must first truly KNOW your audience. If you're pitching an offer that is not aligned with your community, it will not be an easy yes. Secondly, make sure to keep track of your conversions and where you are at. Track your progress towards your sales goals. Watch your clients and potential clients online (rather than other influencers) so you can see if things are changing. Use this information to serve them what you know they need.

Selling 101 Rule #5: Bring the energy.

If you're not energetic and excited about your offer, why would anyone else be? You have to show up with that inner fire that is contagious! If someone says no, don't let that deter you. If someone ghosts you, don’t let that weigh on you. If someone backs out, leave them with love and move on. There are more fish in the sea, I promise!

Bonus Selling 101 Rule: Get clear on your selling purpose.

Your purpose when selling isn’t to convince people to buy from you. Instead, it's to hold the energy for those that are ready to be supported and committed to their next step. Your purpose should be to provide solutions that you know will help (because you lead by example), not to come from a place of lack or fear. Your purpose is to show others what’s possible when they stop waiting and questioning.

Remember, great businesses aren't built by second-guessing every decision. Show up with confidence and sell from a place of knowing and experience. Don’t sell what you haven’t done, achieved, or experienced yourself. This also allows you to stay true to your calling.

Be the teacher, the leader, the supporter, and the mentor. Be the one who leads and goes first to show others the way.

If you're ready to learn how to plan for your sales success, without feeling overwhelmed, selling 24/7, or feeling like you need an unrealistic amount of clients, then click here to sign up for my Sales Framework Training!


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