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How to Promote & Sell Without Fear

As an entrepreneur, promoting and selling your services and offers can bring up a lot of negative feelings and fears. However, if you truly want to show up as yourself, serve your audience, and run a profitable business, you need to overcome your selling fear. Read on for 7 ways to promote and sell your offers without fear.

1. Acknowledge

Acknowledge that selling fear will come because you’re stepping into something new and out of past comfort zones. You can use this fear to fuel you and propel you forward.

2. Focus

Focus on the COMPOUND effect. If you want to sell/promote a few weeks or a month from now, it would be much easier if you had some time to warm-up your audience, peak their curiosity, and give them a sneak peek behind the scenes.

3. Engage and Connect

When you engage and connect with your community, you go into selling KNOWING who is ready and who needs this. As you do this, you can effectively create a list of potential people that you could serve and sell to.

4. Don't Rush It

Giving yourself TIME to sell increases your chance of success and decreases the internal pressure you put on yourself.

5. Create Reasons

Make it EASIER for yourself to sell by knowing why you are selling what you are, how it is going to impact others, and why you're selling it now.

6. Be Consistent and Visible

Your community will benefit from seeing you, connecting with you, learning from you, and understanding what’s happening and why. Show up often and keep serving.

7. Follow Up

This is so important for your energy, next steps, and learning how to ensure that your community knows you see them, hold space for them, and create an opportunity to talk through where they’re at.

Let me know in the comments, which of these are you committed to focusing on today?

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