• Samantha Hearne

How to Promote & Sell Without Fear

1. Acknowledge

Acknowledge that fear will come because you’re stepping into something new and out of past comfort zones (you can use that to fuel you)

2. Focus

Focus on the COMPOUND effect; if you want to sell/promote in January, it would become a lot easier if you have some warm up, curiosity, sneak peak time

3. Engage and Connect

When you engage and connect with your community you’ll go into selling KNOWING who is ready and needs this (effectively creating a list of potential people that you could serve)

4. Don't Rush It

Giving yourself TIME to sell increasing your chance of success and decreases the internal pressure

5. Create Reasons

Why not? Make it EASIER for yourself to sell by knowing why & why now

6. Be Consistent and Visible

Your community will benefit from seeing you, connecting with you, learning from you, understanding what’s happening and why

7. Follow Up

This is so important. For your energy, next steps and learning how to ensure your community know you see them, hold space for them and create an opportunity to talk through where they’re at.

Which number will you start committing to?