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3 Ways to Think About Selling

There have been times in my business where my Instagram engagement 'nose-dives', but my business income sky-rockets! When thinking about selling, we need to focus on the movement in your business, not just on social media. Read on to learn 3 ways to think about selling.

3 Ways to Change Your Thinking About Selling

When thinking about selling, there are a few important things we need to think about, beyond just your Instagram followers.

1. Selling is SERVING

Whenever you launch in your business, whether that's a new course, program, or service, focus on the IMPACT it will have on the people that enroll and the VALUE you'll bring.

2. Selling should be FUN

You're selling to make an impact on your business and on the lives of those that invest. If your energy around selling is stressed, uncertain, guessing, or half in half out, it won't be a fun experience. The more FUN you have and bring into selling, the more others will soak up that energy too.

3. Selling is not icky, greedy, or annoying

This is your mindset at play! Selling allows us to expand, challenge ourselves, create, do better, and live into that next level. It isn't greedy to sell. It's ESSENTIAL for your business to be a business. It isn't icky to sell. It's sensible if you want your business to scale.

How do you feel about selling? Do you need to change some of the ways that you're thinking about selling? How are sales in your business right now?

If you're ready to shift your thinking about selling and create a strong framework for consistent sales in your business, check out the Sales Framework Training.


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