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5 Reminders For Service Providers

Recently, I took a refreshing three-week holiday with my family. During this time, I disconnected from my business, entrusting its smooth operation to my capable team. Despite my absence, my clients patiently awaited my return, respecting the boundaries I had set. Their patience and understanding reminded me of the importance of mutual respect in our professional relationships.

Here are five insights that I've been reflecting on, which I believe every service provider should keep in mind:

1. Radical Honesty

My clients appreciate radical honesty, a trait I deeply admire. This honesty allows for genuine support and meaningful challenges. They came prepared with feedback, documents, and questions, that allows me to offer comprehensive support tailored to their needs. It's inspiring to work with clients who truly value support.

2. The True Desire to Connect

Self-awareness is a true skill. Instead of blame, there was awareness, and a shared commitment to moving forward together. The energy and desire to connect, both with me and with each other, was intense. Comments like 'this has been magical' and 'I just love these calls' validate the power of genuine connection.

3. Intentional Questioning

Being intentional with my time with my clients is important to me. Their proactive approach to maximizing our time together is a testament to their commitment and drive. Because of this, I have the ability to support 25 clients a day through calls, emails, and DMs, thanks to their intentional engagement.

4. Mutual Love & Respect

Having clients who genuinely love and respect you is heartwarming. Their interest in my holiday, my daughter, and our adventures reaffirmed the mutual love and respect that forms the foundation of our relationship.

5. Knowing Your Ideal Client

For me, understanding the ideal client goes beyond demographics and surface-level interests. It's about aligning values, energy, mindsets, and personalities. The women I work with resonate with my values, and this alignment is crucial in fostering meaningful connections and successful partnerships.

My days with my clients are filled with calls, coaching, mentoring, and genuine connection. And I wouldn't have it any other way. To the incredible women I have the privilege to work with: know that I am deeply honoured, proud, and committed to supporting you on your journey. When taking on new clients, remember to consider these areas of connection and alignment.

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