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Are You Subconsciously Protecting Yourself?

It's easy to compare ourselves to others in the entrepreneurial world. We see people all around us all the time talking about their $10K days or the hundred people that signed up for their mastermind. It can be disheartening, especially when you're not seeing the results or sales you really want. But instead of looking outward and saying "What are they doing that I'm not?", sometimes it's more helpful to look a little closer to home. If you find yourself subconsciously protecting yourself from failure, lean in and learn how to truly trust yourself.

Are You Protecting Yourself or Playing Small?

One thing I see in my clients is that sometimes we're trying to protect ourselves from failure without actually knowing we're doing it. For example, if we're scared of failing, we might subconsciously stop ourselves from going all in, while also telling ourselves that we're doing everything we can.

We do "just enough" to show we're making progress, but almost hold ourselves back to prevent ourselves from going all out.

Do these scenarios sound familiar?

  • You launch and then retreat.

  • You create but never take action.

  • You sell online but infrequently.

  • You set aside time but then fill it in other ways.

And then... the doubt sets in. You ask yourself...

  • Can I do this?

  • Will it work?

  • Can it last?⠀

  • Am I being ‘realistic’?

  • Maybe I’ll stay where I am?

  • What if I’m not ready for more?⠀

Reflection Questions to Help You Trust Yourself

If you're in this place, here's some reflection questions to help you discover where you need to go and truly trust yourself:

  • Are you doing just enough to keep moving forward, but deep down, you know you are ready and capable of more?

  • Is where you are now comfortable enough that the challenge just really pushes you?

  • How are you controlling your own next level and preventing yourself from fully embracing what’s meant for you? And lastly, in case you need to hear this today: You are ready and you can do this.

If you're ready to get inspired and take action on your goals, check out my FREE You Can Do This Training!


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