• Samantha Hearne

Five Ways To Reframe Negative Thoughts

Being human means we have low days where we just feel very...meh.

As entrepreneurs, this can affect how we feel about our business, the direction we're taking and our goals. Our real strength lies in our ability to pick ourselves up and switch up that mindset.

Here are my favourite ways to reframe negative thoughts:

1. Hold A Pity Party

Allocate a time that you can have this pity party and just feel all the feels. But once that time is over - shift into a different stage of action.

2. Equal Opposite

Ask yourself - what is the equal opposite of the way you are thinking or feeling now?

When you become aware of it, you know there is another way things can be!

3. The Five Whys

Ask yourself why and keep asking! When we generalize and catastrophize - asking why is key to get to the truth.

4. Reset

Do something different! Do the laundry, go to the gym, cook your favourite meal or sink into a bubble bath. This is will distract you from the spiralling negative thoughts and rest your mind.

5. Challenge Yourself

Why do you feel flat? What’s really going on? Go deep and find out what's bubbling beneath the surface!

And remember, your thoughts do not equal your truth or your reality!

I'd love to hear how you get on with learning how to reframe your thoughts, please reach out on Instagram and let me know how it goes!

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