• Samantha Hearne

You Deserve Your Dreams (So Stop Feeling Guilty!)

Never feel guilty for saying yes to your dreams, yourself, and your deepest desires.

To live a full life.

To feel happy, fulfilled, and excited.

To feel proud of yourself.

You are meant to enjoy this journey!


Regret and fear are not your emotional currency. You don't deserve to sit there, waiting and wondering if you should or feeling guilty that you did.


When you say yes to creating a future beyond your current fears or limits, that is where you’ll find those butterflies of excitement, readiness for more & anticipation for what’s to come!

That is what you deserve.


Never feel guilty for acknowledging your dreams and acting on them to live your life on purpose.

The other day, I took myself on a day date for my birthday and I felt the previous night feeling guilty about whether I should...but then I remembered, these are the moments I live for, create for, serve for - so I soaked it all in.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀


You deserve it all. Not just the bits you allow yourself through fear or compromise.

I am not different or special from you. I just chose to fully go for my dreams