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Mistakes Make Us Human

There's absolutely no doubt about it, mistakes are inevitable in business. Mistakes make us human. For myself, I’ve made huge mistakes since starting my business in 2017 and I will probably continue to make them into this year and beyond. But here’s the thing: none of them were deliberate or intentional. It's not about the mistake itself, but what we do moving forward and what we learn from it.

Do More, Learn More

As business owners, we can only do better when we know better, and the more you do, the more you learn (I talked about this here!).

I’d love to say that building the business has been seamless for me, but it's just not true. What I can tell you though is that I never stopped learning, trying, doing, and improving!

And when I knew better, I did better.

From the legalities of online courses and tax returns to handling team contracts and updating my systems, every time I did something new or made an error and had to fix it, I learnt a better way to run my business.

Mistakes = Growth

As hard it as can be to make a mistake, as business owners we should never feel scared of getting things wrong.

Did I lose followers over some mistakes?


But did I learn a whole lot that would catapult my business to the next level?

Hell yes!

No Business is Perfect

Think about it. Big businesses make mistakes every day. Car brands recalling cars, emails being sent with spelling errors from huge companies, airline systems glitching.

So remember, always strive to make mistakes instead of hide from them. It shows you’re trying and it shows you’re human. I’d rather have a business built on lessons learnt and efforts made than on playing safe and feeling scared.

So go on and make that mistake, but don't forget to learn from it for the future!


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