• Samantha Hearne

Double Your Rate of Failure

What makes someone succeed when others don’t?

Well, in the words of Thomas Watson...

"Double your rate of failure."

The more you fail, the more you learn and innovate. The more you will eventually move forward in ways those that fear failure won’t.

Failing is never the energy. Not continuing to try, learn, innovate and grow is.

2021 has taught me A LOT and sometimes continues to kick my butt, but I always learn, make a plan to move forward with and try again.

Please don’t fear failing, that is inevitable.

Don’t see failing as the enemy. But the indicator to you continuing to try.

Success is not created with failing and learning.

Success is not a one-way street.

Success is never the end goal - growth, happiness & alignment are.

Success is never linear.

And please fail more.

It teaches us the most about ourselves.