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Success Doesn't Have a Label

In life and business, you have to get clear on what success means to you. Success doesn't look the same for everyone. Success also doesn’t have a label. That’s where people usually go wrong... they put a label on success and end up limiting themselves, which forms how their business moves and grows.

What Success Means to You

Your definition of success is unique to you. It doesn't matter what anyone else's definition is.

Success can be:

  • Sweatpants and greasy hair.

  • Lay-ins and lots of rest.

  • Designer clothes and 5 star experiences.

.You get what I mean here.

One of the fundamental reasons (in my opinion) that people self sabotage, feel guilt or shame around their success, and downplay or dim their light is because they believe it doesn’t ‘fit the success mould’ OR even ‘goes above what success should be’.

When you focus on what success MEANS to you, truly, you can start to actually live, embody, choose, and embrace your wins. You can make it happen and create a life of success that ALIGNS with you.

What Success Means to Me

My own personal success is about a lot of things. It's about:

  • My financial legacy.

  • Balance between work and life.

  • Travel and home adventures.

  • Clients that I love to work with.

  • Fun and ease.

  • Growth and making a positive impact.

  • Being truly comfortable in my own skin.

I challenge you to ask yourself, what does success mean to you? How can you let go of stigmas, expectations, or opinions and embody YOUR success vision?

This matters more than most things as a business owner because it will fuel and form the way your business moves and performs.


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