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Lessons Learned From Stepping Away From My Business

I recently took some time off and time away from both my family and my business. It was a much needed and much deserved break! However, as I sat poolside, in the sun, I came to a few realisations that I feel are valuable lessons from my own journey. My hope is that these insights can offer guidance and support in your own journey.

Read on for 5 lessons learned from stepping away from my business.

  1. Happiness is Key: If you're not happy with your every day life, no amount of "highlight reels" can compensate for it. Authentic happiness stems from aligning our actions and experiences with our true desires and values.

  2. Money as a Byproduct: Contrary to popular belief, money alone is not the solution to our problems. Instead, it should be viewed as a byproduct of living in alignment with our values and desired experiences. True wealth comes from balance between our financial goals and personal fulfillment.

  3. Consistency Breeds Stability: Having high cash months are NOT the answer to stability & feeling safe in your business. True stability in business and life comes from consistent, recurring success.

  4. Avoid Snap Judgments: I've learned to never judge people at face value. Often, those who surprise us the most with their kindness and wisdom are the ones we least expect.

  5. The Power of Support: Whether in business, relationships, or life in general, having a strong support system is invaluable. Trying to navigate life's challenges alone is unnecessary when genuine support and partnership can be transformative.

I hope these insights can help guide you in your own journey. Let's build lives filled with dreamy clients, boundless wealth, and a sense of balance and ease!

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