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Three Different Types of ROIs (That Aren't Money-Related!)

As entrepreneurs, our businesses are our babies. We nurture them. We invest in them. They become an extension of us. So when something doesn't "work" instantly, we feel it... hard. Maybe a program didn't sell how you'd hoped. Maybe not as many people joined your Facebook community as you wished. It's easy to consider these failures and give up, but what we often don't realize is that those programs, launches, or workshops are creating a positive ripple effect. While we might not see an immediate result, every time we put ourselves out there, we are positively impacting our business ROI (return on investment).

Read on for three different types of business ROIs that will help you engage and attract your ideal clients!

3 Business ROIs That Aren't About Money

ROI doesn't have to be monetary. It can be your energy, time, relationships, and so much more. Here's three different types of ROIs that will help you engage and attract your ideal clients!

1. Adding Value ROI

This is about showcasing your knowledge and being visible online. By creating consumable content that makes you stand out, you will be able to engage and nurture your audience.

2. Being Visible ROI

Showing your audience the human side of your brand builds trust and generates deeper connections. This will help you create consistent momentum.

3. New Ideas ROI

By creating new and innovative content, you can build excitement and curiosity for your audience. It entices them to keep coming back and integrates some variety into your business!

The Bottom Line About Business ROIs

When it comes to your business ROIs, here's the bottom line:

Sharing your value will never be wasted.

Being visible and showing up will never be for nothing.

Creating and innovating new ideas will never be a failure.

All that you are doing matters and your ROI is always coming back to you.

How do you feel about your business ROI and the business initiatives you're working on right now? Comment below and let me know!

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