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Every Launch Equals Growth

It's easy to get consumed by all the business launches, the big numbers, and all the K's attached to the numbers. You always hear people talking about "£100K launches," £10K days," and so on. However, instead of focusing on the dollar signs, why not focus on the other types of growth that come with your business launch.

The "Big" Business Launch

As entrepreneurs, we tend to create an attachment to those big business launches and numbers. While there's absolutely nothing wrong with aspiring for incredible success, we also need to remind ourselves of the value of what we're doing and the growth of our business.

No matter how "small" your launch may feel or how much money it brings in, every single step you take towards your goals is always worthy, beneficial, and epic for your long-term success.

Growth Is Happening

Regardless of the numbers during your launch, there is always growth happening when you launch.

Here's an example:

Let's say you were aiming for a £100K launch but hit £50K. While you might have only got half of what you were aiming for, it's still incredible.

Let's break down why.

£50,000= £2,083 monthly salary for a year and £2,083 for expenses, team, and growth monthly for a year.

It's all about perspective.

Business Launch Reminders

If you're aiming for the big business launches, but aren't seeing the results you want, here's a few reminders for you:

  • Any financial growth when you launch is growth.

  • If you don’t quite hit your target, it doesn’t mean you never will.

  • Whatever happens, the launch is a success because of how much you’ve stepped up, grown, and taken action during the whole process.

  • Everything is an asset. You can repurpose trainings, nurture your new email list, add value before your next launch, etc. These are all priceless assets!

  • Your clients trust you to support them. They aren’t in it for your numbers. They are in it for their transformation. Remember, that’s an honour!

Focus On What Really Matters

Everything you do in business leads to your growth and success (even those hiccups!), so stay positive, focussed, and aligned with what truly matters, like your purpose, beliefs, and how you can help others. If you're ready to plan for YOUR sales success, with or without launching, grab my Sales Framework Training HERE!


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