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How To Sign Clients Without A Stereotypical Launch

Building a business that isn’t reliant on big launches or multiple challenges that leave you feeling exhausted is my jam. It’s how I have built my business and how I run it. If you're wondering how to sign clients without launching, I want you to know it is absolutely possible! Let's dive into some alternatives!

Alternatives to Signing Clients Without Launching

I won’t judge how anyone else runs their business, and if those big launches are your thing, go for it! For me, it didn't feel right, so I explored different strategies and discovered ways to bring in clients without having the stress and overwhelm of a huge, all-encompassing launch.

Here are my true and tested ways to sign clients without a stereotypical launch (and remember, this is what worked for me- it's all about trial and error!).

  1. Temperature test your audience first.

  2. Create a longer lead time.

  3. Create a social media strategy that supports your goals.

  4. Add incentives.

  5. Have three key CTA's that give your clients simple next steps for them to take action with you!

Creating Flow in Your Business

By employing these strategies and moving away from the typical launch, I have created a business that allows for:

  • Longer lead time.

  • Less pressure on a short open cart period.

  • More flow during sales periods.

  • Space for organic conversations to happen.

  • More fun and freedom away from a ‘launch’.

  • Less worry if those leads don’t convert during that short window of time.

And most importantly, it supports my mental health and energy!

How do you launch (or not launch) in your business?

If you're looking for more support in creating consistent sales without launching, check out my FREE 10-Step Framework Training here!


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