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10 Ways to Build Your Community

Selling on social doesn't have to be hard, but, it's something with many entrepreneurs struggle with. The reason? They do not have an engaged or aligned following. When your audience is engaged in your content and is aligned with your message, it's much easier to connect with them to start making sales.

Read on for 10 ways to build a more aligned & engaged community.

  1. Create content that focusses on themes & stories, rather than problems.

  2. Create an answer culture in your content by creating a dialogue not a monologue.

  3. Don’t keep things a secret! Be upfront and share the behind the scenes as often as you can.

  4. Be clear and provide repetitions in your message.

  5. Showcase people conversing and share this with others.

  6. Become your own case study. Share your stories and experiences for relatability.

  7. Be visible! Show yourself in lives and stories with face to camera connections.

  8. Layer your information. Don’t give everything all at once. Allow people to get on board with you. Share little bits and allow people to connect, then add more.

  9. Create a safe space with close friends, email list, or podcast. Think about how you can make your community feel safe to connect & engage.

  10. Repurpose your content in a variety of ways to capture your community's way of connecting. Turn a blog into a podcast, and then into an email series.

Now that you've built this epic community, it's time to learn about how to sell on socials. Grab my Social Media Masterclass to learn the best way to start landing sales now!


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