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5 Ways to Focus on Increasing Your Income & Sales

We're all looking for ways to increase our income and make sales in our business. We create new products, offer new services, and make new freebies, etc., but we aren't increasing our income in the ways that we want to. Sometimes it can feel like we're just spinning our wheels, trying to do exactly that.

Read on for 5 ways that you can focus on increasing your income and sales right now.

Get Brutally Honest with Yourself

There’s no point in setting a financial goal without context. Start being honest with yourself about your financial goals for the month, quarter, and year. The vague ‘£5k months’ or ‘£10k cash’ only works if you have already started to scaffold your income and you understand how to layer this.

Link Action to Progress

Each action you take will lead to a new lead, a new conversation, a new connection, a new sale and a new inquiry. By linking your actions to the results you want, you will also ensure you stay consistent, focused & specific.

Answer the 3 W's

By using these 3 questions, you can create a simple sales framework for your content, marketing, message, sales pages, etc.

  • Why do they need this service now?

  • Why are they the person to help?

  • What makes this different and right for them?

Create a Step by Step Checker

You should know how your goals link to your services. Are the clients you are working with going to help you achieve the goals you have set? Keep in mind the following to use as a sales blueprint; actions, progress, conversions, tracking process and sales.

Keep Going

If you are not consistent in your marketing, then you won't be consistent in your results. This isn’t new or innovative but it’s fundamental, so we have to give it air time! If you give up after posting one IG story, or one blog post, your results won't change.

Are you ready to make sales and increase your income with ease? Check out my 3 part master sales training where we will be breaking down sales organisation, sales energy, sales journeys, and much much more.


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