• Samantha Hearne

14 Ways To Attract Soul Aligned Clients

POV: Your business is growing, client acquisition is up, but some of the clients you've taken on recently aren't that great to work with. You don't seem to gel. Every interaction ends in frustration on both sides. Sound familiar?

You need a way to filter out clients that don't meet your needs so that you can get the AMAZING clients you deserve!

What Are Soul-Aligned Clients?

  • Clients that value you

  • Clients that WANT to do the work

  • Clients that trust the process

  • Clients willing to see the bigger picture

  • Clients that you just vibe with

  • Clients that honor contracts & agreements

  • Clients that pay on time

  • Clients that come prepared

This is what soul-aligned clients look, feel & act like. Which makes your business SO much more fun!

Now that you know what you're looking for, you'll need to know how to get it.

How To Attract Soul-Aligned Clients

1. Show up with the energy you want to attract

2. Be the example first

3. Make your values & messaging clear

4. Set boundaries of what you are and are not available for

5. Don’t feel guilty for honoring your time & experience

6. Ask quality questions to ensure you get to know your clients before taking them on

7. Know their goals & business so you are able to serve them what they need

8. Demonstrate through your own business

9. Celebrate and showcase dream clients' results, energies & relationships

10. Don’t shy away from your zone of genius & how you support your clients

11. Make it easy for someone to say yes - tell your audience who you help & how

12. Be specific (this isn’t about niching, this is about energies & alignment)

13. Have key language that you know attracts your soul clients & would attract you too!

14. Be honest about who you are - this aligns with your dreamy clients way more!