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2 Priorities of Service Providers

Are you doing ALL the things—posting daily on social media, sending those weekly emails, and even collaborating with peers—but still not seeing the results you crave in sales and cash? After doing all of these things, you often have to wonder why you are doing all of these things? If your primary focus is just to sign a client, you might be missing out on the real deal.

Read on to learn about the 2 priorities that service providers should focus on.


To consistently fill your sales pipeline and boost those conversion rates, you need to connect with actual human—not just chase likes.

  • Get to KNOW your audience.

  • Keep them in your MIND when creating content.

  • Understand the PERSON you’re aiming to help.


Once you've established a connection with your audience, you need to TALK to them.

  • Have meaningful conversations to discover what your potential clients truly need.

  • Understand the WHY behind their interest in your content.

So, the strategy behind signing clients isn’t just about visibility, content creation, or raising your profile—it’s about genuine connection and conversations.

To make sales and money-making a breeze as a service-based business owner, ask yourself:

  1. Who am I helping with this content, post, email, or podcast today?

  2. How can I speak directly to them to offer even more support and value?

By focusing on connection and conversation, you're not just ticking boxes—you're building relationships, understanding needs, and ultimately serving your audience better. And guess what? That’s the magic sauce to sales success!

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