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Selling Your Services in Your Content

Social media is the easiest, not to mention cheapest, way to sell your services. You literally have the world at your fingertips. Your ideal client is out there, you just have to attract them. Read on for four tips on how to effectively sell your services in your content.

Use Direct & Clear Language

If you are being mysterious and using cryptic language online, chances are your audience will have no clue what it is that you actually do. Don't play games with them. Just be clear and direct and say it how it is! Tell them what the offer is, who it's for, and how they can take the next step.

Create Context & A Journey

Take your audience along with you on your journey! Don't blindside them. Let them in behind the scenes, and allow them to become intrigued and aware. Be sure to provide them as much context as you can! If you leave gaps in your messaging, your potential clients will just have more questions!

Celebrate & Be Proud

Don't shy away from sharing the amazingness of yourself and your clients. Showcase and celebrate the wins, progress, and growth. You truly are the biggest example of the work you do!

Say It More Than Once

The more you talk about what you do and what you offer, the more aware people will become. Share it, promote it, explain it, and highlight your services! Remember, reputation isn't boring, it's key!

If you are ready for more training on all things sales, and how to sell online, check out my free Social Media Masterclass! This training will help you understand what you can do to get your audience ready to buy and shift from fan to potential client.


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