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How to Sell On Social Media + Keep Things Simple

Selling on social media isn’t about a secret formula, a perfect step-by-step process, or a strict guideline you must follow. Maybe you have been selling for years, or maybe you are still looking to make your first sale. Regardless, selling on social media shouldn't be complicated. Sometimes simple really is better. Read on to learn how to sell on social media while keeping things simple.

3 Main Focuses of Selling on Social Media

For me, there are 3 main focuses of selling on social media.

  1. Need

  2. Alignment/Energy

  3. Urgency/Desire

3 Focuses of Selling Simply

Now, let's break these down into the 3 main focuses of selling SIMPLY.


  • Do you know what your tribe needs?

  • How often do you ask them where they’re at?

  • What efforts are you making to understand?


  • Are you listening to your intuition?

  • What feels good for you right now?

  • Are you excited by what you are creating?

  • Do you feel lit up by what you are building?

  • Is your programme / package filled with you, your personality, and your originality?


  • How are you creating curiosity?

  • What are you doing to grow their desires?

  • Why is your service urgent for your tribe now?

  • What transformation are you creating?

What is Selling Really About?

Selling is about:

  • Serving.

  • Providing solutions.

  • Being their support.

  • Being seen.

  • Showing up.

Selling on social media is as simple as you want it to be. If you're ready to sell more simply on social media and attract more clients and conversions, check out my Selling on Social Media Masterclass!

Tell me in the comments, are you focussing on need, energy, or desire in your sales right now?


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