• Samantha Hearne

5 Reasons You Aren't Getting Results

Here are some things to check if you feel that you aren't getting the results in your business that you should.

1. Energy

Are you almost trying too hard, forcing, coming from a place of lack, mistrust, or control?

2. Trust

Do you have faith in this process? Are you putting a boundary on your success? Do you think things like "If it doesn't happen by the end of the month, I'm scrapping it."? Are you giving up before you've fully experienced the journey?

3. Time

Are you impatient? Are you only willing to change people's lives and results if they say yes by the end of this week? Or are you here for the long haul?

4. Marketing and message

Are you actually marketing your service in the right way? What is the reason someone will join? Have you dug deeper into your client's needs?

5. Consistency and visibility

Are you hiding before it's begun? Self-sabotaging and not showing up because someone said no? Prevent people from reaching out because you are not there? Are you accessible during your sales period?